Automate your CSS Workflow!


You know how to write CSS. You're using best practices, avoiding !important, reducing the depth of applicability, modularizing your selectors, and aggregating your CSS files. But what about the processes outside the writing of CSS?

In this workshop, we'll discuss automation, from tools settings and shortcuts to make users more efficient, to aliases, scripts and triggers. We'll work through common industry workflows, discuss best practices with CSS workflows, then set up processes tailored to specific cases for workshop attendees.

Join us in Vancouver on June 5th, at UBC Robson Square.

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The Conference

Interlink Conference is a small, hand-crafted event created for all types of creative web professionals.

Explore the intersection of web design, code, and content during 2 empowering days of curated talks and workshops in Vancouver.

And, there's dodgeball, so, win!

The Presenter

Kitt Hodsden claims to be the 47th laziest person in the world, which means she's really efficient. She can be lazy and still GSD*.

She has spoken at a number of conferences around the world, including Webstock, about automation and setting yourself up to succeed by streamlining your workflows.

Kitt currently works at Twitter, Inc. in San Francisco, California.

*get shit done

The Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn automation basics (command line, scripts, hooks, source control systems), best practices (organizing CSS files, preprocessors, linting, sprite generation), workflow enhancements (live-reloads, packaging, aggregation, compression), and testing (tools, browsers).

Attendees should bring laptops, as this is a hands-on workshop. We will improve attendees' current workflows.